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“…the City Council was immediately able to access a wide network of local and international suppliers…”

Fernando Álvarez
Head of the Planning and Modernization Service, Gijón City Council, Spain

“For us the great thing is that schools are able to use the entire platform regardless of the procedure they have to do.”

Luís Farrajota
Member of the Board, IGeFE (Institute for Education Financial Management), Portugal

“The University is the only administration in Europe that uses these tools to improve efficiency in public spending.”

Israel Rodríguez García
eProcurement Manager, Contracting, Assets and Common Services, University of Almería, Spain

“The Municipality has given concrete expression to its objectives of increasing transparency and promoting competitiveness among SMEs.”

Isaac García
Ofintegral, Supplier to Gijón City Counci

“Tenderers save money by not having to submit their offers on paper and avoiding the transport of these proposals."

Maria Margarida Zuleta
General Director, Colombia Compra Eficiente, Colombia

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